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This is an experiement

The Coven is a private Slack community for female solopreneurs who are hell bent on growing their business using social media

The Coven has 1 purpose

To bring you leads.

It is based on the premise that: 

  • Lead generation can be architected through targeted messaging 

  • Testing and iterating is the key to unlocking your messaging

  • Business is energetic and collective energy applied to a single goal compounds results  

There is a reason your posts are not bringing in predictable leads 
(and it's not your fault) 

We've been given the wrong advice. Everywhere you look the marketing advice service providers get is this- give value. 

Except it doesn't work. 
You can bury your social in tips, tricks and free PDFs and you will not see the traction you desire. 


Sales is based on know. like. trust. 

By over-focusing on expertise we are blocking human-to-human interactions with our customers. We are taking the emotion out. 

How you make people feel is why they will work with you. 

Over the last year working as a solopreneur, building my own business while simultaneously helping other women build theirs, I noticed something...

There was a pattern to the messaging that brough in leads. This pattern is based on a copywriting formula that I have been using to write sales pages. 

It goes like this👇🏽



The Hypothesis

Make 80% of your content not business. This is a personal brand play. Find topics that make you YOU and write about them. The goal is to attract a wide range of audience. Don't be afraid to stand out and show your face.

80/ 15/ 5

Reserve 15% of your content for topics related to your business. Focus on thought leadership, what makes you different that others and don't forget to share social proof. Avoid tips and instead offer insights and learnings.

80/ 15/ 5

80/ 15/ 5

Sell only in 5% of your content. Don't be shy about making offers and letting people know how to book your services, but let your profile do the selling for you. 

+ Energy

Money is energy. I believe (and have seen it in practice) that attention placed at a point manifests in real life. I want to see what happens when a bunch of badass women get together and laser-focus on an outcome. This is part of the experiment. 

What we're going to be doing

- Building out our LinkedIn profiles to mirror a sales funnel
- Creating a social media strategy based on your unique personality and business goals
- Batch writing and measuring our social posts 
- Showing up on eachother's posts daily to tip the algorhythm in our favor (it's a game)
- Tapping into our collective energy to move us forward the woo woo way
- Casting spells (yep! you read that right) 

How it's going to work

- By-weekly content reviews by yours truly where you get personalized copywriting feedback
- Daily posting on LinkedIn (min 1X/ day) 
- Monthly zoom seances where we aggregate learnings, share wins and push forward
- Accountability tracking to maximize our energy and give fuel to our visions
- Isolated marketing experiments 
- Spells + intention setting

That's it! 

I want to keep this simple and targeted.


Who this is for

 - coaches, consultants or other service- providers. It is important that you are in service.  
- entrepreneurs who are serious about iterating their way to success and are in for the long game + genuinely want to help others
- women or women- identified solopreneurs (you must be aligned with the lunar cycles otherwise this doesn't work) 

Bonus points if: 
- you carry generational trauma around money/ success
- you have done some energetic work and believe manifestation is a thing
- you carry anger (this energy is powerful)



This community is invite- only. 
There are only 13 spots available today. 
1f you are reading this you have been invited.
There is no charge to you. 

Please don't share this page. 


Why am I doing this?

The idea for the Coven was gifted to me by a client. We had created a beautiful content strategy together and it felt awkward just handing it over without helping her implement it. She expressed to me that she would love a way to stay connected so that she didn't feel alone and so that she could run her writing by me. 

I had a what if moment...

The idea for this community came to me fully formed and when that happens- I pay attention. (thank you universe)

I am determined, maybe even obsessed with cracking the code for myself and other female entrepreneurs. 

Being in community with other like-minded entrepreneurs is something I need in my life. I thrive off the energy in the room. This is literally how magic happens. 

What I didn't want is another stitch-and- bitch. I imagined a place of purpose, clear vision, high vibe and action! 

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