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Tropical Leaves

words that have them
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conversion copywriting studio specializing

in email, newsletters + thought leadership

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conversion copywriter
Founder @Spell Book


You can't argue with the numbers
With an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent-email is QUEEN of the marketing castle. That is if you can get people to opt- in, open and (the key) keep reading. This is no easy task, but it's o

Success Stories

"Diliana is more than a sales page sorceress — she's a savvy strategic partner. I know my customers, but with a wave of her wand and a few hours, Diliana knew them better. Like magic, patterns appeared in their recorded conversations, all thanks to Diliana's active listening and carefully crafted questions. Working with Diliana was so easy — everything was delivered on time or sooner. Bonus points for her no-bullshit approach. Can't wait for the next time I need to call on Diliana's wizardry!""

Kristina Urquhart, founder The Vintage Seeker

Green Leaves

we are expert foragers

we will leave no rock unturned as we forage for rare customer insights and help you turn them into content that delights, educates and resonates. 

we go deeper than most by discovering the emotional drivers that matter to your customers. This allows us to meet them where they are and help them along the buyer's journey. 

we can stop guessing now


Customer Interviews

We get on calls with your customers and take them through a strategic 30 min conversation. 


Deep industry research

We conduct competitor research, industry research, outside-industry research and review/ VOC mining. 


Messaging Architecture

We combine the data from the interviews and the deep research phase. Patterns and insight emerge almost instantly. These patterns are our messaging map. We are finally ready to write.


The Magic

Writing is the very last thing we do. It's really more like assembling than writing. This is where that 'x' factor comes in especially if your writer has lived experience in your niche. 

we don't gate pricing

find out if we are like-minded

Brands that deploy empathy in their marketing win. 

Tropical Leaves


Diliana here. 

I never related to the rocket ship analogy of business. In my experience, it has been a slower process. One closer to growing a garden than launching something into space.

Growing a list of buyers, collaborators, and fans is the most sustainable and natural way of future-proofing your business.

It might sound old-fashioned because it's slow and there's no hack other than hard work, the end, you become self-sufficient.

Capable of growing your own food, to keep the metaphor going.

caution: may contain counter-cultural ideas


I believe businesses are built like gardens are built.
In accordance with the law
s of Mother Nature. 
Plant. Nurture. Harvest. Rest. Repeat.

(don't forget sunshine and water)

Domestic Parrots
"What can I say about D other than she is amazing, a true witch; she's got a way with words, and the way in which her mind works astonished me. She is the perfect mixture of creativity and strategy. It was quite beautiful to behold. She helped me gain clarity around messaging and the structure of my writing. I will 10000000% recommend Diliana to anyone who wants to leverage the full force of LinkedIn. She is an amazing asset to have in your corner. I will probably work with Diliana for as long as I am in business."

Jozanne H.

fitness coach

6 ways to collaborate 

Choose your own adventure.


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