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Kind words from my readers

"A breath of fresh air among all the bros"

(Kristina, solopreneur)


"Your newsletter is one I consistently open because it either makes me think or gives me an idea of something to try." (Kerry, solopreneur)


"This is genius." (Doug, colleague)


"This is soooo good. Also, is this me? If it is not me I'm annoyed that three other women sound so much like me haha . " (Kena, coach)


"As a service provider trying to figure out my messaging (and not feeling it with the super salesy approaches), this really resonated with me. Thank you!" (Heather, not sure what she does, but she's on the list)


"Bomb of an email, Diliana. I feel seen. So much yes to everything." (Vesna, copywriter)

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