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How long should your newsletter be?

First, let's cover a little hot topic I like to hate on.

This advice: "Give Value"

People regularly take this to mean "write more" or deliver "in-depth" content.

This is where all your newsletter intentions go to die, because delivering 1000 word, research-based, "value-packed" email as a solopreneur is insane.

You will give up week 5.

Here's some good news for you guys:

determined that the highest converting emails are between 100- 249 words.

“You should test different email lengths. But we are finding emails with 100 to 249 words to perform the best if your goal is to get people to your site to take action.”

These emails also had only one link in them.


That's not a lot of words folks.

The biggest myth stopping people from writing to an audience frequently is the idea that they have to be prolific.

Nope. You just have to be consistent.

I hope this encourages some of you out there to sweep the cobwebs off that list of yours. ('cause that's where all the long-term cashola is)

This week’s newsletter is around 228 words.



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