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I've got big plans for my garden this season

I am building a kitchen garden for the first time and planting about 30+ varieties of vegetables and other edible plants.

Today, I started some of my seeds inside in preparation for transplanting when the weather gets warmer.

I sat there for a couple of hours filling tiny pots with soil, making little labels and carefully placing seeds inside holes I made with the tip of my pencil.

Debussy on the speaker.

Coffee in the mug.

Nothing else on my mind.

As I cut each package and poured the seeds out onto a piece of paper, I was in awe of these tiny, humble-looking specs.

Miraculously, they contain in them all the information they need to produce a fruit, a flower, an herb.

"We are the same." I thought.

We too are encoded with our own success.

Except, unlike the pepper, the tomato, and the eggplant- we don't come with precise instructions on how to plant, where to plant and when to plant.

No details of soil preference, zone tolerance, or companion planting.

No green-thumb grandma to call and ask.

The reason is because we are unique.

No seed like us before and none like us after.

It's our job to figure out what conditions cause us to bloom.

This is hard.

I have been flying about from thing to thing for many years in this search. To the institutionalized eye this might seem like I can't make up my mind.

The self-obsessed self-help industry would tell me that some unresolved trauma is causing me to avoid commitment.


I am simply trying to figure out where I grow best.

Entrepreneurship has allowed me to test my growth hypotheses quickly.

I'm getting close. I have narrowed it down to "words".


For those of you reading this, who may feel like you are in a perpetual state of 'figuring it out'.

Maybe personally.

Maybe in business.

Know that you are doing it right!

There is no other way.

Happy Spring friends.



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