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This is for my introverts

I don't know about you, but I'd rather pluck a chin hair on a busy subway train than get on camera.

I swear to goddess, if I see another gregarious, dancing, gum-bearing, wig-wearing, cringe consultant on social I may lose my (already misplaced) sh*t.

Here's the thing.

Content is about attention.

Marketing is about attention.

That is an indisputable fact.

To make the euros you have to 'show up'.

This is where most introverted folks either:

a) give up before starting

b) create some kind of fake persona to 'get by'

Both of these options are going to make you hate yourself or burn out. (likely both)

There is a third option:

My friends, I'd like to introduce you to the cure: thought leadership

This is not about entertainment.

This is not about TMI content.

This is not about pictures of beaches.

You can stand out with stand-out ideas.

You can add some gravitas to your writing and make those jumping (bless them) reformed college partiers irrelevant to your online success.

I think people are craving a little deep thought.

I think people could use a few more real conversations.

Lean into the hard work of leading in thought.

Step 1: Think

Step 2: Write

Step 3: Publish

Introverts unite!


P.S. Another incredible hack I've found is small communities outside social, where deep relationships are prioritized. Take a look around. You got this.


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