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​My therapist gave me a diagram. It was a multi-coloured circle divided into tiny sections.

On each section the name of a unique feeling.

I for one had no idea there were that many feeling states.

I realized that I wasn’t thinking about feelings enough in my writing. Feelings are what move people to act.

We overestimate the "good reasons you should" approach to marketing.

People are feeling being who think. Not thinking being who feel.

You can take charge of what you want that feeling to be. With words.

I've been thinking...

A question has been flying around in the back of my mind.

I came to this question after hiring a content marketing consultant to help me untangle my own content. We worked on the usual stuff- my customer persona/ ICP and My pillars (what I talk about).

I was told to pick three.

Pick three?

Busy with my homework, I had this sinking feeling that something was missing from this transaction.

Or rather- I was in search of something else.

Then the question came to me while gardening:

How do you want your marketing to feel?

I hadn't thought of that before.

It took a minute for this idea to sink in.

Successful creators, manufacture a consistent feeling.

What if we approached content creation from this vantage point?

For me, I'd like for people to feel: amused, creative, intellectually stimulated, improved, included, understood, encouraged, light.

You might prefer: inspired, fed-up, ambitious, heroic, rich, successful, exclusive but included, hungry.

See what I mean?

From these words I could ask:

What content would make my reader feel creative or feel my creativity?

What content would make my reader feel understood?

What content would make my reader feel improved?

Ideas for posts immediately come to mind in my particular context: copywriting.

What that might look like:

Creative: creativity exercises, my creative projects, how creativity works...

Understood: solo pro journey, top marketing pains, the #life

Improved: how to think about...(too many to list)

Continue for each of the feelings/ states...

I hope you try this with your own content- especially if you are stuck or things are feeling stale. Let me know how it goes if you do.


🪄Diliana Popova🪄


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