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How Sara went from not posting for 14 years to a paid-in-full
client in 2 weeks 🤯

Sara is an incredible executive coach. When she came to me, she hadn't posted on LinkedIn in close to 14 years. Like many professionals, she had set up a profile and used the platform to connect with people she had worked with.


Sara had heard the hype around LinkedIn as a tool for client acquisition. Up until that point in her business, she had mostly gotten clients through word of mouth. She wanted to expand her client- acquisition channels with LinkedIn.

Meet Sara

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Sara was a perfect fit for my LinkedIn Services.

Here's why 👇🏽

- she was a seasoned pro and an expert in her field

- she had gotten amazing results for her past clients

- she knew her target audience inside and out

- she had an opinion and was not afraid to share it

- she was ready to put in the work

All of these ingredients when put together make a powerful potion. All we had to do was package it up and add in some sales psychology! Keep reading...


Before a single word gets written we spend some time getting clear on two things.

1. What were Sara's goals for this platform (getting new clients)


2. Who was she after (financial professionals who wanted to fast-rack their career success).


We worked together to create a detailed customer avatar that would allow us to not only write a compelling LinkedIn profile, but also help us craft a content strategy. Foundations are key. 

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Profile Setup

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Once we knew who were were speaking to I got to work turning Sara's LinkedIn profile into a sales page.

LinkedIn has one of the most robust profiles in social media.


We optimized the banner, the headline, the link in profile, the about section and the featured section. Check out Sara's profile


This ensured that when her ideal client landed on her profile they a) knew they were in the right place and b) knew what the next step was 


Once the profile was set up, we created a content strategy based on the same avatar we had used to guide us in creating her profile.

I gave Sara training on the types of posts that would speak to her audience.


We went over some tactical LinkedIn training and auto-scheduled her first two weeks of batched content.


Sara just turned pro! 

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This is my favorite part! Within two weeks of updating her profile, Sara got two inbound leads. 

They fit the ideal client profile we had created and most importantly-

they did not come from a referral. 🍾

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What Sara had to say about working with me

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I was amazed at how quickly this worked! I got my first client a couple of weeks after we posted my new profile. Before getting Diliana's help I had taken a digital course on setting up my profile, but I was still unsure of what to write (words are not my thing). Diliana took the time to get to know me, my tone, my customers and my goals. Working with her has given me the confidence to get myself out there again, knowing my profile and my message are on point. I would highly recommend Diliana to anyone who wants to book clients on LinkedIn. 

Sara Knapp, CPA Bay Street Coaching

LinkedIn Services

Apply to work with me

I offer two LinkedIn services. 

LinkedIn Setup: I write your conversion optimized profile and help you get started on the platform

LinkedIn Retainer: I work with you monthly to craft compelling content for your ideal clients 

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