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We write words that move minds

Conversion copywriting                 Content Support                  Launch Strategy


"Your customer will tell you everything you need to know about how to effectively  market to them. My job is to listen and  report back. Copywriting is not so much writing as it is good detective work.And a little magic." 

At your service

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Sales pages, landing pages, email sequences, LinkedIn profiles

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Content Writing

Done for you and done with you content support. From pillar blogs to newsletters to social.

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Launch strategy

Content Strategy

Brand Strategy


"Diliana is more than a sales page sorceress — she's a savvy strategic partner. I know my customers, but with a wave of her wand and a few hours, Diliana knew them better. Like magic, patterns appeared in their recorded conversations, all thanks to Diliana's active listening and carefully crafted questions. Working with Diliana was so easy — everything was delivered on time or sooner. Bonus points for her no-bullshit approach. Can't wait for the next time I need to call on Diliana's wizardry!""

Kristina Urquhart, founder The Vintage Seeker

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Hocus Pocus

Not a single word gets written until...


Customer interviews

We sit down with your customers for in-depth interviews and analysis. 

Don't worry- we make it fun. 


Messaging Architecture

We take those interview transcripts and combine them with competitive research to get your conversion message.


Tone & Brand Voice

We work together to figure our what your vibe is going to be. 


We write

Sit back and relax your copy is on it's way. Hocus Pocus! 

My mission is to be the last writer you hire.   


My name is Diliana

Marketing is changing.

Just putting anything out there and hoping

for a sale is not a thing anymore.

This is not a box-checking exercise.

You have to know your audience inside and out. 

You have to join the conversation that is already goin on inside their head. 

Frankly, if your periods are not aligned you're missing something lol. 


Still dancing on the gram?

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Find clients on LinkedIn

I teach you how to turn your profile into a

sales page. 

Video tutorial with examples. 

Book an hour with your profile and get it done.

Just forFun

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