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Good content is profoundly human

content chiefing & copywriting

for B2B brands

compelling      customer-first       human 

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"It’s hard to find great content writers. Very hard. And, on top of that, I’m probably quite a demanding client, so they have to be great in a particular way as well. 😅

Diliana meets all of my reasonable and not so reasonable requirements. She ‘gets’ things very quickly, she asks the right questions, has a strategic mindset, is curious, efficient, and she’s fun to work with. 

And, I nearly forgot, she’s a really great writer, too!"

Niclas Thelander, Founder & CMO


You get more than just a pen for hire

You get a thinking partner with a strategic mindset and a keen eye for quality content

Blog Posts & Articles

The web is bursting at the seams with content/ It's harder than ever to stand out. I can help you create a steady stream of valuable posts and articles that both delight readers and boost SEO. I bring quality, speed, and a dash of magic to capture your unique voice. 

Case Studies

Case studies are sales and marketing gold, but they can be tricky and time consuming to pull off. I sit down with your customers and create a captivating story that seamlessly integrates your offering. 

White Papers & E-books

Become the go-to authority and enlighten your audience with the ultimate lead magnet! I can transform dense, technical material into clear, conversational content, stripping away the jargon and I'm not afraid to dive into top-tier industry reports and third-party studies to bring you the best insights.

Repurposing Content

Why reinvent the wheel when you can supercharge your content strategy? More and more brands are saving time, cutting costs, and amplifying their impact by repurposing their existing content. Imagine creating an e-book and then spinning off blog posts, landing page copy, a press release, a drip email campaign, and social media posts from the same material. That's content magic!

Diliana here...

I'm here to fight the robot takeover. 

One word at a time. 

In a digital world, obsessed with automation

& AI, you can consider me old-school.

At Spell Book, we're all about the human voice. 

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1:1 Copy Coaching

I help thought-leaders build (and stick to) content programs and write their way to new clients and opportunities.


We work on messaging, social (LinkedIn), list growth, strategy.


Think of me as your personal copy consultant.

Content Chiefing

As your fractional chief content officer I keep your content machine running smoothly.


I oversee quality control for PR pieces, work created by other writers- ensuring messaging is aligned with your customer and overall content marketing strategy.


I help you discover & deliver high-impact content your customer actually want to read.

Thought-leadership articles, white papers, newsletters, reports, original research, SME interviews, case studies, LinkedIn ghostwriting support

How it Works



Discovery & Direction

We will hop on a call where I will learn more about your business and content needs. We can go over content goals, any challenges you have been experiencing etc... You can ask me any questions you have and by the end of our call, we will know if we are a good fit. Initial calls last anywhere from 30 mins to 60 mins. 


Planning & Research

Not a single word gets written until I have a clear picture of what is going on in your customer's head. This part of the process includes:

  • voice of customer research

  • market research 

  • in-depth content audit 

  • customer interviews


Writing & Revising

We are ready for some magic! It's time for me to execute your content projects. I take everything I learned from the customer discovery process and deliver first drafts to your inbox. You will get the chance to review my work and provide feedback & revisions. Once we are happy with the words- we hit publish! 

Let's start a conversation

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