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On a mission

to bring the human- touch back

to marketing

Diliana here. I am the founder and head copywriter at Spell Book.

We are a boutique content agency built around an idea- good content is profoundly human. 

We don't automate, we don't generate and we certainly don't hand you off to a content mill. 

Every piece of content I write is deeply researched, carefully assembled, and tailored like a fine suit to your specific audience and niche. 

We don't buy the AI hype and instead focus on resonance, voice-of-customer, and deep insight. 

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1:1 Coaching

I help thought-leaders build (and stick to) content programs and write their way to new clients and opportunities.


We work on messaging, social (LinkedIn), list growth, strategy.


Think of me as your personal copy consultant.

Content Chiefing

As your fractional chief content officer I keep your content machine running smoothly.


I oversee quality control for PR pieces, work created by other writers- ensuring messaging is aligned with your customer and overall content marketing strategy.


I help you discover & deliver high-impact content your customer actually want to read.

Thought-leadership articles, white papers, newsletters, reports, original research, SME interviews, case studies, LinkedIn ghostwriting support

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Get to Know Me 

  • I am a mom of 1 (soon to be 2) and a 9-5 escapee building a business and a life on my own terms

  • In a past life I worked as an educator teaching art, design and business

  • Oh and I have a degree in fine art- worked as a painter for almost 10 years

  • English is not my first language (although it is my favorite) 

  • I travel, homeschool, and generally live off- script

  • My English degree helps (at times)

  • I have an undiagnosed obsession with LinkedIn

Let's start a conversation

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Working with Diliana is like magic 🪄

Diliana has been instrumental in helping me update my content for an upcoming pivot in my business. She took the time to help me identify what was working and what wasn’t so I could focus on the most important tasks.

Diliana gets your business quick! I couldn’t believe how little time it took for her to understand my business and what I needed.

If you’re looking to work with someone who is smart, fun, has an impressive understanding of the online business world, and doesn’t beat around the bush, you will want to have a chat with Diliana.

- Kerry Dobson, Founder @ JJDak, group programs architect

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