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Rant continued...

There is a hill I am willing to die on when it comes to copywriting, and that hill has a flag on it that says voice of customer. 

I believe that your customers will build your business for you.

They will tell you what they want to hear

They will tell you how they like to be spoken to. 

They will tell how they make purchase decisions. 

That is- If you bother asking them. 

This is the work we do here at Spell Book and how we approach each project whether it's a sales page or an email. 

Astrology cusrious millenaial feminist

One woman show

with help, of course...

Diliana here. I am the founder and head copywriter at Spell Book. I am building a mini-agency while homeschooling my kid, travelling and making art.


In a past life I was an educator and artist and I also did do some time in the startup scene. 

I primarily work with women who need help defining their true value in the eyes of their customers, and putting that into words. 

I am after resonant content, not just a quick sale. 

To your success! 

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Oh, and just so you know

I'm into energetic work. I may pull a tarot card before, during or after our work together. I am not a hustle-bro. I believe in ethical marketing, so won't help you sell anything that I wouldn't recommend to a friend.  Fair warned. 

"Diliana helped us launch an evergreen, digital product this year. We came to her with a robust bookkeeping template we had created to serve our small business community. The challenge was to name it and create a sales page that accurately and persuasively communicated its benefits. Diliana was able to name the product and distill its benefits in a very effective and persuasive way. The landing page Diliana wrote exceeded our revenue goals within the first month of launching our product. My Digital Bookkeeper is now live on our site and poised to continue bringing us passive income. We can't recommend Diliana enough." 

Ashli Phippen, co-founder Grow CPA

Kind Words 

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