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Client Testimonials

"What can I say about D other than she is amazing, a true witch; she's got a way with words, and the way in which her mind works astonished me. She is the perfect mixture of creativity and strategy. It was quite beautiful to behold. She helped me gain clarity around messaging and the structure of my writing. I will 10000000% recommend Diliana to anyone. She is an amazing asset to have in your corner. I will probably work with Diliana for as long as I am in business."

- Jozanne Hartzer, fitness coach 

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"My favourite part about working with Diliana is that she is a natural-born creative who shares her spark generously. Since we started working together, I have a notably high degree of enthusiasm for all things sales and marketing in my business. Ideas and words flow more easily - and are implemented seamlessly. In the moments where I feel more stuck or unsure, Diliana brings clarity, focus, expertise, tools, and vision. I really love how she balances the copywriting process with the ever-shifting needs that show up within my business."

- Miriam Bekkouche, wellness coach

Usually I am the team leader in all my projects, as a solopreneur it was so refreshing to bring someone on board who outworked me on a project! She built out my new LinkedIn profile and delivered other unexpected assets, like a full marketing and posting strategy as well as some great insight into how to better organize my own products in the future. It was a great experience for me, and I would highly recommend Diliana to anyone looking to up-level their online messaging. Also, she's funny, which is a must.

- Jill Bodak, author 

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Diliana's words create emotion and energy and move people into action. We use Diliana for many copy projects and are always blown away with what she delivers. I have also taken time to work with Diliana on improving my LinkedIn profile and posting strategy. Her knowledge on this social platform is vast. If you are looking for support in either of these area - look no further!

- Martina Morton, co-founder GrowCPA

Diliana is more than a copywriter — she's a savvy strategic partner. I know my customers, but with a wave of her wand and a few hours, Diliana knew them better. Like magic, patterns appeared in their recorded conversations, all thanks to Diliana's active listening and carefully crafted questions. She took dozens of pages of client words and concocted incisive and elegant copy for a community membership that had this editor/writer/perennial underseller totally charmed. Working with Diliana was so easy — everything was delivered on time or sooner. Bonus points for her no-bullshit approach. Can't wait for the next time I need to call on Diliana's wizardry!

- Kristina Urquhart, Founder @ The Vintage Seeker


Diliana is a beautiful, authentic and powerful voice in a sea of "copy". She gets to the heart of what you are trying to convey in a way that feels like music - it resonates more deeply than plain old words while also driving the point home (because really, that's the point!). I loved working with Diliana and plan to again. I have already recommended her to many and will continue to!

- Kena Paranjape, podcast host & entrepreneur

Diliana is very talented and very skilled when it comes to copywriting and marketing strategy. She is highly organized and efficient at her work and kept me on my toes!

She has the perfect blend of creative flair and practicality needed to get the job done. Her personality is a delight!

Diliana exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her for any future projects. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

- Stephanie Colebrook, Founder @ Metariver

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Working with Diliana is like magic 🪄

Diliana has been instrumental in helping me update my content for an upcoming pivot in my business. She took the time to help me identify what was working and what wasn’t so I could focus on the most important tasks.

Diliana gets your business quick! I couldn’t believe how little time it took for her to understand my business and what I needed.

If you’re looking to work with someone who is smart, fun, has an impressive understanding of the online business world, and doesn’t beat around the bush, you will want to have a chat with Diliana.

- Kerry Dobson, Founder @ JJDak, group programs architect

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