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17 newsletter ideas + some tips on writing yours

It’s hard for me to say: “Here use this formula. Write about this. In this way.”

It's hard because that kind of advice cannot possibly have any strategy behind it. How do I know what the approach is if I don't know what we are approaching?

(enter rant on templates)

Templates are everywhere.

I see them. I hate them.

As if.

Templates are for people who are treating this whole marketing thing like a box-checking exercise.

Post on social (check)

Send newsletter (check)

When you get into that kind of thinking templates seem like the thing you need. They are usually not the thing you need. The thing you need is harder to come by.

The thing you need is a tailored newsletter strategy that makes sense for:

  • your audience

  • your niche

  • your services

  • your vibes

Some of you might find the curation of resources to be appropriate, while some of you will provide thought leadership. Some of you will lean into personal stories, some of you will lean into expertise. Some of you will get creative and send voice notes...Again, it depends.

That being said here are some appetizer-size ideas to get the juices flowing.

17 NEWSLETTER PROMPTS (fair game for service providers, coaches & consultants)

1. Tell some personal stories and tie them back to a lesson your subscribers can learn.

2. Share common misconceptions or mistakes in your niche.

3. Share a client win

4. Curate some of your favorite resources.

5. Share your latest blog post, video, or podcast episode.

6. Ask a thoughtful question and unpack the answer

7. Dig into a common desire or pain point your audience deals with and offer a solution.

8. Create prompts

9. Share top myths about your industry/ service

10. Share a controversial opinion that not everyone will agree with

11. Tell a story about your childhood

12. share learnings/ thoughts about an event you participated in

13. Share things you’ve learned from being in business

14. Share your founder story

15. Share why you do what you do

16. A day in the life

17. Share details about your process and why its different/ unique You can also use these for social prompts.


1.Write to one person not to a group

2. Write in a human voice and do not use ChatGPT to compose. I would recommend that you write the way you speak. If you are not sure what that looks like, you can record yourself and then run a transcript.

3. Talk about one thing in one email. Send more emails if you have to.

4. Don’t think you have to report the “news”. Your list can look like anything you want it to look like; from weekly voice note to a quote from the universe.

5. Write to serve and not to sound smart


I didn't send out a newsletter last week. Did anyone notice? I was in the throes of an illness that I hadn't experienced in over a decade (not being dramatic). I am pretty sure I picked up some bug at the Museum of National History in London, which was packed with small people. Definitely not going there again on a Sunday.

My wise 9 year old: "Mom I think we should wear masks."

Me: "That's so 2020."

Fool that I am!

I didn't work for like 2 weeks. I couldn't. My brain was foggy, my lungs were a hot, wheezing mess and I could barely be upright for more than 30 minutes without turning pale and weirdly sweaty. This is one of the downsides of running your own show- you are both the engine and the fuel. I know a lot of you are in the same boat as me (not sick but self-employed) and I just want to say that if you are going through a health crisis or a family crisis or one of those life things- take care. No one died cause I haven't posted on LinkedIn or missed a newsletter.

Yes, I felt the internal pressure to keep a streak and show up but I resisted and watched Netflix instead.

Take. Care. Of. Yourself.





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