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Standing against: The other side of the thought leadership coin

Last week I picked a fight with the robots. Specifically, I picked a fight with the AI-generated garbage that is overtaking marketing.

Why am I telling you this? Well because I want to talk about effective marketing and taking stands.

Who is the villain in your messaging?

Every hero needs a villain. Just to stand there and proclaim our beliefs and what we stand for doesn't make for a very compelling narrative.

David needs a Goliath, otherwise he's just a cocky teenager with a slingshot. (plenty of those online already).

The truth is we are wired to think this way. We are emotionally activated when there are stakes, especially when the stakes are high.

If you are not repelling. You are not attracting.

Knowing what you stand against in your industry is a piece many miss. Perhaps it's because of our 'too nice' cultural upbringing, which says: "But, I don't want to exclude anyone. I don't want to offend." (thanks educational system)

In my case, I could give a (blank) about excluding the Chat GPT prompt bros with their hacks and frameworks and holy efficiency. They are not my people. Let them be offended.

What about you?

Have you picked a fight lately?

I'd highly recommend it.

Turn it into a creative writing exercise and write a manifesto.

Whether or not you show it to anyone doesn't really matter.

I think you might be surprised at what you end up with and how you feel as you create it.

If you do take up the challenge, let me know how it goes.

I love getting your random replies!

To your success,



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