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I was holding back tears (emotional transfer and good copy)

My line of work regularly brings me to tears.

Sometimes it's good tears, sometimes bad tears, but ALWAYS necessary tears.

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I was interviewing a client's client.

She was sharing her journey with me and began to get very emotional.

Intense right?

I held space, but then...

As she began looking away from the camera, tears in her eyes- her emotion transferred to me.

Here I am ugly- crying in my shed.

Although I was physically a mess, I knew that at this very moment, I had everything I needed to write for my client.

Emotional transfer is something VERY real in effective copywriting, and something that I have a particular knack for. (not sure why)

I can somehow feel people even if they are miles away.

Here's the thing- if we are not moved ourselves, we don't stand a chance of moving others.

Emotion wins over reason EVERY time.

We are feeling beings who occasionally think. (not the other way around)

HBR writes about this

The New Science of Customer Emotions

I needed to feel her, hear her, and SEE her in order to help my client create assets and a strategy that would help her. (what we are here to do right?)

Now, I'm not saying it's always crying, far from it. Sometimes it's joy, sometimes it's anger, sometimes it's a combo of determination and sadness.

Whatever it is- I lean in and feel the feels.

From this interview, I outlined a full funnel for a large not-for-profit.

👇🏽My approach👇🏽

Trigger event-->feelings--->search intent--->decision drivers--->the click

The nuggets from me to you :

  • what is your customer's moment of highest tension BEFORE they even think of you or look for something like what you offer?

  • get out of the transcript and look at what people's bodies are doing. There is often a mismatch between the words and the body language. (the body tells the truth)

  • pay attention to how you feel when you create for your business. You are emotionally transferring without even knowing it. If you are bored- they'll be bored. If you find it tedious- they will too. It's real.

  • your avatar has an emotional blueprint- find out what it is and match it. That is how you reach resonance- it's a felt sense.

Empathy-led marketing is what wins in the marketplace, friends- if we are brave enough to go there.

Have you ever experienced emotional transfer?

Reply and let me know.



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