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What should I post?

Where do you get your content ideas? If you have ever faced a blinking cursor and the thought, "What should I write about?" has floated across your consciousness- this is for you, friend.

Many of us look for content ideas in all the wrong places. We troll other accounts to see what the competition is posting, or we regurgitate tips or share photos of what we ate. (been there).

This week I want to talk about my favorite place to source content ideas- you guessed it...

Good fit calls.

Good fit calls and content strategy

You know that feeling when you get a notification in Calendly that so-and-so has booked a good-fit call with you? Yep. t's awesome. Most of our brains go straight to sales thinking.

We start doing math.

Do this instead:

Use the voice-of-customer data from your good-fit calls to craft your content strategy.


Start by priming your intentions before you get on the call. Instead of getting all nervous about whether or not you are going to land a new client, set the intention to listen, and I mean Sherlock-Holmes-listen to everything that comes out of their mouths.

Listen for turns of phrase, listen for unusually framed problems, listen for topics that are on people's minds, listen to the small talk, look at their body language and any highly emotional language.

Then look for patterns.

WHO are you naturally attracting (mirror mirror on the wall)?

WHAT are they coming to you for (and how do they talk about it)?

WHERE are they in their journey (and what trigger event led them to calling you)?

WHY did they say no or yes to your services? (and how did you handle it)

In the patterns, you will find your core content.

This is why the very first thing I do with clients is talk to their customers. There is no point in theorizing about what someone is thinking.

Go to the source.

Good fit calls and good copywriting

Copywriting is a skill most of us solo pros will have to develop to some degree. I am not saying you have to become a copywriter (like the internet wants you to think at the moment). But you will have to attune yourself to some of the principles.

One of the elements of hard-hitting copy is specificity.

The more specific you can be the better.

You have to paint a picture otherwise your words are empty.

Good-fit calls are great for this kind of data.

I recently ran a power hour with a weight-loss consultant who was struggling with putting out compelling content.

I asked her to recall a conversation with her last client and tell me what made them call her.

She laughed and said:

"He told me that he was riding his bike, and his stomach started rubbing against his thighs and it hit him."

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Her client didn't hire her because he wanted to lose weight- too general.

Her client hired her because his stomach was running up against his thighs when he rode his bike.

See the diff?

Specificity makes people feel like you can read their minds.

Good fit calls and your offers

My monthly retainer service was born out of good-fit calls. These calls can actually help you craft offers that fit perfectly with what your clients actually need.

I didn't have a strategy retainer set-up until earlier this year when one too many people expressed the need to have monthly support, accountability, and guidance when putting out content.

Because the offer came after the calls, I know for sure it's something people need at a certain stage in their solo journey. No guessing. No selling people something they sort of kind of need...


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